Career prospects after Engineering

When people endeavor to define the term “engineering”, a thousand explications conjure before the eyes, albeit they all appear to share a mutual aspect, which directly connotes to problem unraveling. Engineers are estimated as the best problem solvers because they are versed with unfailing forbearance and are trained to exercise a radical outlook to resolving the situation, regardless its intricacy and aspect.

This knowledge is more common now than ever, since engineering is the one of the most sought after disciplines, in the contemporary world. Now people have turned their pages on to a different question, which has left most bemused: what are the career prospects after having pursued engineering? To try and name, all the career avenues at bay after securing a degree in engineering within the lengths of this article would be, but a futile effort, so we’ve tried to narrow it down for you; engineering primarily has six different ramifications: computer science, civil, electrical, mechanical & petroleum, each of which extends ample of career alternatives. We have tried to enlist some of them for you.

  • Computer Science

Data Scientist, Web Developer, Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, AI Engineer, Data Analyst, SEO Specialist, Social Media Marketing Manager, SEM/PPC Expert, Cloud Architect, et cetera.

  • Civil

Construction Manager, Geotechnical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Public Health Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Urban Planning Engineer, et cetera.

  • Electrical

Circuits Engineer, Controls Engineer, Design Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Instrumentation and Electrical Reliability Engineer, Power Systems Engineer, Project Engineer, Test Engineer, et cetera.

  • Mechanical

Aerospace Engineer, Automotive Engineer, CAD Technician, Contracting Civil Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, et cetera.

  • Petroleum

Drilling Engineer, Production Engineer, Chief Petroleum Engineer, Offshore Drilling Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, et cetera.

The aforementioned jobs are just few of the many, that are up for grabs to graduate engineers. If you are still anxious about how to proceed further, don’t be because we have got you covered. DIT University is at the epitome in the field of imparting education and amongst the m tech colleges in uttarakhand.


Our University has it all, to take you wherever you dream yourself to be. We have given the world extremely revered engineers, civilized individuals, and incredible assets, who came to us, just as scholars. Today we have been enlisted amongst the top BTech colleges in Dehradun, and it is so because we teach engineering and we engineer it all for you. Study with us, and achieve it all.

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