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Can I do architecture after 12th?

Architecture has always been known as a scientific art. However, degrees in today’s world are slowly eradicating art from practice. Creativity is dying with just designing based upon calculations remaining. The creative learning process is missing from the courses as well. So, what is the most feasible solution today?

To answer that, one needs to peek into the structure and exposure area of an architecture college in Dehradun. It is also important for the students to opt for the right college for the program. It will reduce the chances of creativity-killing practices today. However, what instigates the idea of creative thinking in students? Let’s dive deeper into it.

Pushing the Limits in Architecture

Those truly magnificent pieces of architecture that people are praising all over the world were created by architects who were not only true to their intentions but were always ready to wander into the depths of creativity. A different point of view or an eccentric take is what makes a difference in the industry today.

One cannot expect great things just by working on regular ideas. Bold and creative ideas are where the change begins. It is exactly what a student needs to do in the course-learning process as well. Pushing the limits in architecture is important as it not only presents you with multiple opportunities in the market. But how can one choose a college that provides them with proficiency without killing the creative aspect?

The Prerequisites

The process of choosing the right b arch colleges in Uttarakhand can depend on many aspects of the college. However, it is much more crucial to check whether the college has the right exposure area, professors, and growth opportunities or not. Adding to it is the feedback from the alumni of the college. If you can, then you should probably as the students about what new opportunities knock for the architecture students.

Other than that, the basic requirements are always there, like the course structure, the placement options, proficient professors, and the accreditations and awards of the university itself. Idea is to get into an architecture college in Dehradun that adds to your learning curve. You need to understand the ins and outs of the college and the course to ensure that your time there will be fruitful for you.

The Skills that you Should build upon

In the degree program, you will learn the intricacies of the subject. However, you also need to work on skill development to increase your career opportunities. There are a few sets of skills that will add to your creativity in architecture. Here are some of them.

  • Critical Thinking: one of the most important skills that complement creativity in the architecture course.
  • Collaboration (Team Work): you need to be always ready to work both individually and communicate in a team.
  • Decision Making: the bold decisions you want to make should come up when you have the right decision-making skills for it.
  • Problem Solving: before you adapt to certain situations you need to be well-versed in problem-solving techniques.
  • Communication: always be on the edge to communicate ideas and converse about new concepts. Be vocal!

Key Takeaway

Lastly, it is safe to say that architecture is indeed one of the most amazing areas to work where creativity needs to prevail. However, many colleges don’t promote independent creative ideas in the stream. You need to be choosy about the program as well as the university that you are aiming to get into. It will be an important part of life and it can make or break your creativity.

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