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All you need to know about MBA: a brief

The Master of Business Administration is the most favored management certification in the entire world. The merit promised by the choice and pursuit of this particular degree is rather resolute & dependable. It is in fact one of the most expensive degrees in the world. But food for thought is, what makes MBA so sought after and significant? In truth, the reasons are several. MBA holds a global repute as a positive catalyst in progressing through professional spheres and transitioning from executive to managerial positions Veraciously (in truth), the post-graduate degree is primarily about general management. Therefore, themes and courses like Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Strategy, Operations Handling, Marketing, et cetera, conventionally form a part of the curriculum.

Albeit, with all its merits and perks, choosing the right university, that to one with a reasonable fee, is an arduous (difficult) task.

MBA at DIT University

The School of Liberal Arts & Management at DIT University is the best MBA college in Dehradun. The Department of Management Studies at DIT University welcomes a class of sixty students into the MBA program, yearly. The Department also offers four specializations along with the program in distinct divisions as follows:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Human Resources

One of the many reasons why DIT University is the favored choice of several MBA candidates is the distinct curriculum that the University offers along with theory and technical training, which enables the University’s graduates to undergo a rather untroubled transition from classrooms to corporate. A sweetener along with the aforementioned; the fee to pursue MBA at DIT is highly economical.

DIT University is not just one of the best MBA colleges in Dehradun, but in the entirety of Uttarakhand, too. The University proudly wears its prestige as a crown. DIT aims to inculcate adeptness (skillfulness) and prowess amongst its pupils, across every department. It is one of the reasons why the University recently made headlines by being deemed as the best University in Uttarakhand to pursue Engineering & Architecture, in the Outlook- ICARE rankings, 2022.

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