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5 Crucial Parameters Before You Apply for B Tech Admission in Dehradun

Most Indian parents, as well as students, choose a college relying solely upon the word of mouth. The only material they have is a beautifully printed college brochure that provides them with selective pieces of information while hiding a large number of negative sides. Many students choose any particular college just because their neighbor’s son or daughter is studying there. The logic behind this practice is that if a college is good for their neighbor, then it would prove to be good for their young ones also.

All these raw, unauthentic, and unreliable sources of information and the decision based on them create a rampant amount of dissatisfaction, unrest, stress, and a feeling of acting wrongly among students. The selection of the top BTech College in India could be an intriguing task for both parents as well as students. Hence, this post curates some significant pointers to help you choose the best one in the following points:

  • Academic Culture

Academic culture is what determines the overall quality of education of an institution with which the students come out. Especially in the engineering discipline, textual knowledge is not considered to be sufficient if an institution wants to achieve well-rounded academic excellence.

In contemporary times, the industry is looking for technocrats who are great problem solvers and have the capability of looking beyond the conventional notions of solving problems by making smart use of technology.

Therefore, all the students need to be educated in an academic culture that can prepare them for taking on any challenge coming their way in professional life. So, if you have made up your mind about B Tech admission in Dehradun, then you can scrutinize the best B. Tech College in the city keeping in view the same academic excellence.

  • Offbeat Specializations

There was a time when engineering education was limited to a few specializations such as civil and mechanical. Today, there is a wide range of new specializations in the field of engineering stretching the limits of aspirants. Ethical hacking is one of the finest examples among new specializations students are exploring opportunities. This is just one example, and the complete list is huge. So, as part of your research, while making the list of engineering colleges, you must be very specific about whether the college you are going to approach is offering the specialization that you are looking for or not.

  • Campus Facilities

In recent years, the number of engineering aspirants has increased across the country by leaps and bounds. It is because engineering offers lucrative job opportunities immediately after the successful completion of the course. 7 out of 10 students today want to do engineering courses keeping the same calculations in mind. They are so desperate to get an admission that they forget even ponder over the general campus facilities that play a very crucial role in academics.

What they believe in is the word of mouth or the reviews as projected online to make their decision without much contemplation. You must understand that engineering is a practical-oriented residential course that calls for a large number of general campus facilities. Therefore, always conduct a thorough research about all the facilities such as online and offline libraries, playgrounds, eateries, laboratories, water, and food facilities, security, and hotel facilities among others.

  • Research Facilities / Opportunities

India produces millions of engineering professionals every year, and both small and big corporate giants have to experience a tough time evaluating the skill sets of the candidates that they need to serve their purpose. Therefore, they end their search with engineers who have an excellent track record both in their academics as well as on the research front.

All this makes research facilities in the top B. Tech colleges in India even more crucial. Therefore, while selecting your dream engineering college, you must be very particular about the research facilities that the institution is offering. There is a long list of engineering colleges in Dehradun that not only have world-class in-house facilities for research but also tie-ups with various third parties.

  • Placement 

Placement is one of the most important factors that not only determines the face value of top B. Tech colleges in India but also brings peace of mind to the students. After all, high-quality engineering education involves a robust amount of investment and each student desires for getting a return as early as possible after the completion of the course. There is a long list of engineering colleges in which more than 70% of students are hired through campus recruitment drives just after the completion of their course. There are a few facts that determine the effectiveness and gravity of the campus placement record of an engineering institution. Some of them include the following:

  • The overall reputation of the college or institution
  • The academic excellence and culture
  • Student’s capabilities that he or she has achieved all through the course
  • The overall aura of the college or institution in the industry
  • The level of efforts made by the institution itself to place its students.

The bitter truth about engineering placement is that only brilliant students can make it big in a campus placement drive. Companies have their own criteria to select students during a campus recruitment drive and they choose only the best ones who live up to their expectations in the exam or some kind of live project performance conducted by them.

The Endnote

Selecting one of the top B. Tech colleges in India to pursue an engineering program is one of the most important decisions of your life. There is no dearth of students who in their desperation choose colleges that do not prove to be a better choice for them and later they have nothing but repentance in hand. Therefore, only a well-informed decision after extensive groundwork on the best engineering colleges in India can help you actualize your dream to make a lucrative and rewarding career in the field of engineering. So take your time, and conduct some research through various online and offline ways before finalizing any engineering college or university.     

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