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4 Well-Paid, Specialized Job Domains in the Field of Computer Science

Getting a degree in computer science requires students to get mastery over programming languages as well as the technicalities involved in professional software development. Computer science students pursuing a B Tech computer science course learn information theory in detail throughout their program. They also get an opportunity to opt for a particular specialization. Some go for artificial intelligence while others choose software engineering. These days, machine learning is one of the fastest emerging specializations in the field of computer science followed by web development, and video game development.

Those having a degree in computer science have a plethora of job opportunities. While a large number of these jobs are offered by specialized computer science companies, most others are offered by the general companies operating across sectors needing qualified and experienced computer science professionals. These days, no walk of life is untouched by the effect of computers, and therefore, all establishments, be it schools, universities, hospitals, manufacturing units, or any government organizations, need the services of computer scientists to carry out their operations smoothly.

Additionally, there is no dearth of industries that hire highly specialized computer science graduates and postgraduates to get some specific tasks performed. Some of such verticals include the medical industry, chemical industry, and manufacturing industry. The computer science professionals who work for these specific industries get heavy pay packages for performing those specific tasks. Here it would also be good to mention that those who have got a degree in computer science might work directly for the computer systems as usual, while others can make use of their knowledge to offer instructional or educational support.

The given below job titles will take an in-depth look at some of the top jobs which you can find as usual in the computer science companies, and beyond them:

  • Cybersecurity Professional

The arrival of computers has changed everything around us including how we interact, how we deal with different situations, how we think, and even the nature of threats that we often face. These days, we hear about various incidents wherein skilled hackers not only steal susceptible personal data but also introduce viruses by infiltrating computer systems even belonging to the biggest organizations in the world. At various times, these hackers also breach security systems making them more prone to having bigger cyberattacks.

Be it large corporations or even a country, all are vulnerable to these cyber threats. The only way such threats can be handled and tackled is by hiring cybersecurity professionals trained at some of the best colleges in Dehradun. Cybersecurity professionals are trained specifically to fight off all the threats that the world of information systems faces today. These professionals know very well how these hackers and internet spies digitally behave.

When you get the opportunity to work as a cybersecurity professional in any organization, your job roles include the following:

  • Setting up patch management systems for automatic application updates
  • Implementing vulnerability management systems across different valuable assets on-premises as well as in the cloud
  • Working closely with IT operations to create a shared disaster business continuity or recovery plan
  • Working with the human resource department and team leaders to enlighten employees on how they can identify suspicious activities
  • Setting and implementing users’ access controls and identities
  • Closely monitoring application and network performance to identify any uncommon activity
  • Performing audits at regular intervals to make sure all good and relevant security practices are in place
  • Deploying endpoint detection as well as prevention tools and technologies to hinder malicious hacks
  • Figuring out the areas where data breaches may occur
  • Correcting a breach once it has occurred.


  • Multimedia Programmers

Multimedia programmers are the individuals involved in creating and designing multimedia services and products. To be a multimedia programmer, you need to have a creative bent of mind along with sound technical abilities. All the knowledge gained by you during your degree program will enable you to develop platforms that can host the following with smooth functionalities:

  • Digital video
  • Photography
  • Podcasts
  • Animated features, and
  • Text and more.

Multimedia programmers or developers work closely with the designers and are responsible for writing the computer codes that are in sync with the creative vision of the designers. These developers also test and work out bugs in the code while providing support for users once the product goes live.

  • Database Administrator

Database administrators are the individuals who are responsible for keeping track of the database of an organization. In the job role of a data administrator, you will be ensuring that all the crucial data belonging to the company is easily accessible, consistent, and well-defined. Database administrators also make a plan for data recovery if the need arises. These professionals are also involved in writing different types of operating manuals, and comprehensive reports, and processing necessary documentation for the organization’s data systems.

  • Video Game Developers

The popularity of gaming has reached new heights over the past 15 years. Video game developers are the individuals who create games that people play across devices including smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and gaming consoles. Those interested in being video game developers need to have a solid background in the field of computer science as well as different languages used to create computer programs. They should also have a flair for visual design elements associated with video game development. A video game developer can also make a start as a game tester or even by writing a video game blog.

Concluding Remarks 

The field of computer science is considered to be one of the most promising and evergreen careers. Today, well-qualified computer scientists are in demand not only in India but also across the globe. What shapes your future in this field is the specialization that you choose based on your inclination and preferences. And, the most important thing is the institution or university you choose to earn a degree in computer science. With a rich heritage spanning over 23+ years, DIT University is well-known for its academic excellence in the field of computer science. You can pursue the B. Tech program here in Computer Science. For more details, explore the website or get in touch with the admission office.

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