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Director – STEAM and Quality

Prof. Maneek Kumar

Director – STEAM and Quality
Prof. Maneek Kumar

DIT University with its world-ready globally accepted programs, is shaping the destiny of its students, right here in India and enabling them take the center-stage on the global arena.

In this holistic initiative Professor Maneek Kumar is a central figure. He takes active efforts to synergize the teaching-learning process through active interaction with industry, academia & other sectors. The idea of visionary leadership and the philosophy of a modern educational approach are built upon the concept of recognizing unique potential of students and giving them the tools to be able to create their own path.

With his ability to establish cooperative, professional relationships with parents, staff and administration Prof Kumar is always open to new ideas for working towards larger good of the students to assist their academic and professional growth. Prof Kumar is a big advocate of merging curriculums with extra-curricular activities and taking help of alumni from various streams in the university’s initiatives. He is also responsible for ensuring quality in all in-house affairs of the University.

What students get alongside the benefits of a DIT degree is the exceptional university experience they have while here on campus. Surrounded by pristine forests, an exciting social, cultural and sporting life, and opportunities for volunteering, societies, clubs and much more, students here have a chance for 360 degree development.


Vision: Prof Kumar is an ambassador of the University’s mission for Imparting quality education of global standards by creating special skills for solving real life problems. As a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator Prof Kumar wants all children to be successful learners and enjoys working with them. In the academic sphere he believes that creation of an umbrella for creative expression develops research temperament in the longer run.

Prof. Maneek Kumar is a renowned academician, and administrator in the Education arena for over 30 years and occupies the Chair as Director STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Management) and Quality in the university set up. Professor Kumar brings with him an elite career in teaching, research and academic administration and is known to have a passion for teamwork.

He became one of the youngest to occupy the post of Professor of Civil Engineering at an age of just 34 years. With a Masters in Structures from T.I.E.T. Patiala he brings truck-loads of University experience having worked as Dean School of Engineering and Technology at the BML Munjal University before joining DIT University. Prof. Kumar also served as the Dean of Student Affairs at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. Prior to taking over the responsibility of the office of Dean, Students in the year 2014, Professor Maneek Kumar had been the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering for a six-year term (2006-2012).

He wants to encourage a culture to remain flexible, ensuring that every child's learning styles and abilities are addressed. Prof Kumar is known to have demonstrated ability to consistently individualize instruction, based on student's needs and interests. Committed to professional ethics, standards of practice and the care and education of young children, he is an action-oriented professional with and works for introducing concepts into curriculum related to life and social skills into the academic framework.

Prof. Kumar has contributed significantly and added to the knowledge in the field of concrete technology and use of sustainable materials in concrete with publication of more than 80 research papers in National and International journals and conferences. He has guided more than 65 M. E. theses, 15 Ph. D. theses. He is currently the Vice-President of the Patiala Management Association. He had also been a very active member of the first State Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) on Environment Management issues of the Government of Punjab for the period 2007 to 2010. Due to his contributions to the field of concrete technology, Prof. Maneek was awarded the ‘Outstanding Concrete Technologist of the Year’ award by the Chandigarh Centre of Indian Concrete Institute in the year 2019.

Popularly called Maneek Sir by his students and faculty alike, he has been one of the most renowned and awarded teachers at T.I.E.T and has delivered many expert/technical and motivational lectures at multiple forums including the lecture which he delivered to the participants of the International Space Settlement Design competition at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida in July 2004.

He was the teacher Advisor of the winning team of students, which participated as the only foreign team in the top eight teams in the International Space Settlement Design contest organized in 2004, under the aegis of NASA and Boeing by the American Aeronautical and Astronautic Society at USA. He was subsequently awarded by many organizations including the Government of Punjab for this achievement.

Prof. Maneek has also been instrumental in initiating multiple alumni and corporate scholarships at Thapar Institute during his role as the Professor In-charge Alumni Relations and as Dean Students. A poet at heart, Prof. Maneek is a good badminton player and is still actively pursuing his passion for sports. He has captained his institute badminton team in many inter-university and inter-engineering tournaments and is a recipient of the institute colour for badminton as well.


Approachable and Accessible: As part of his commitment to hearing from the student community once a month he holds a roundtable for 10 students at a time which is a chance for students to tell him what is on their minds, what projects they are working on, and really to discuss anything. He looks forward to working with all students to capitalize on collective strengths and advance the University’s mission.