Best College for B Pharma

Best College for B Pharma in Dehradun Finally Revealed

In the past 20years, the medical industry has seen enormous changes. Earlier, due to technological crunch, the medical industry didn’t witness enough changes due to which life expectancy was less, and the mortality rate became high. With the onset of information technology in the medical industry, the medical sector started booming, and there were technological advancements due to which mishaps were less.

When it comes to the pharmacy sector, it is still on the rise, and the future of the B.pharma students is bright. Pharmacy program for diploma holders is now possible, and students can easily enroll in Top B Pharm Colleges In Dehradun. The primary reason behind the success of the B.pharma course is the infusion of technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

Earlier, pharma students had to use multiple combinations of drugs to match the prescribed medicines by the doctors. Some treatments weren’t readily available. For example, there was hardly any medicine for menstrual cramps pain in the late 80s; as a result, women had to bear the pain, and hot water bag application was the only option left for them. But, now there are several hemp-based roll-ons pills to eradicate the pain, and there are hardly any side effects because of some of the drugs. Students are inclining more towards the pharma industry because of the evolution in the medical industry. There are multiple reasons for students to choose the B.Pharma course; some are as follows.

Professional Independence

After graduation from the B.Pharma course, a student is ready to work. The pharma license is readily available, and student can open their independent pharmacy. We all understand that we require medicines for some or other ailment some day or other. A pharmacy is required even in remote locations. Graduates aren’t bound to work under some expert. As soon as the pharma degree and license is ready, B.Pharma student can open their independent pharmacies.

Huge Margin on Medicines

The medicine industry is highly profitable. There is a minimum 20-30% margin on the medicines from the MRP. A chemist provides 10-20% discounts on the drugs to set up the customer base. If the pharmacist offers free home delivery on the medicines, there are more chances that patients will order from his pharmacy. Also, multiple companies provide incentives for the sale of their drugs.

Sale in every tier city

It doesn’t matter in which tier city you live in. Even if you have a pharmacy in remote areas of India, your customer base will always be there for you. Pharmacies in tier-two and tier-three cities earn more margin because doctor’s prescription fees in these cities are less. So, a Pharmacy program for diploma holders is incredibly beneficial for students who want to excel in the pharma career.

Future perspective

If students want to opt for higher education, they can take multiple courses after their B.pharma degree. The students can pursue master’s degrees in various specializations like- Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, etc. They can also follow their MS in various international Universities in Pharmaceutical management. One can also pursue their master’s degree and MBA in hospital administration & MBA in Pharmaceutical international business.

Easy to enroll

Like other courses, you don’t require fancy marks or competitive exams to enroll in the B.pharma course at the  Top B Pharm Colleges In Dehradun. You need a science background with a minimum of 50% marks in XII Std. with Physics, Chemistry, and either Mathematics or Biology as the mandatory subjects and English as a compulsory subject. Once you are enrolled in the course, you will be guided by expert faculties proficient in their careers.

The Program

The course curriculum for the Pharmacy program for diploma holders provides soft skills, value-added training, and practical skills as an add-on to the curriculum prescribed by the PCI. The theory classes in the course are backed by laboratory learnings, practical schools, and industry experience. Generally, the faculty in the course is highly qualified, and they are more research-oriented.

Less Fees with Higher returns

In the reputed universities, the B.pharma fees are less. If you check the fees of the Top B Pharm Colleges In Dehradun, it can go up to a maximum of one lakhs, and once a B.pharma graduation degree and license is obtained, the pharmacist can recover the fees in less than six months with a profit margin. So, if you are looking for a high return Pharmacy program for diploma holders, then b.pharma is the best program for you.


Once B.pharma degree is done, students can become

  • Community Pharmacists
  • Hospital Pharmacists
  • Hospice/Palliative Care
  • Health-Care Administration
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Production Chemist
  • Medical Representatives
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Scientific Writing
  • Medical Scripting
  • Clinical Research
  • Pharmacovigilance

The pharma students have ample job opportunities. Also, a Pharmaceutical degree is considered a noble job, and pharmacists are highly valued in society. The faculty of Pharmacy of DIT University in Dehradun is considered one of the best Top B Pharm Colleges In Dehradun. If you are looking for a wonderful career in B.Pharma, you can enroll in the university. For more information, visit

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