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B.Tech in Civil Engineering with specialization in Construction Planning and Management (4 Years)

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    Construction technology and management are the most vital cogs in the sequence of activities on a job site. Construction managers represent the interests of the building owner or the contractor and interact with architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers to ensure the success of construction projects. This specialization is focused on creative problem-solving and technological innovations in modern construction practices. It is situated within an ecosystem of allied disciplines such as civil, architecture, infrastructure planning and management. Through this specialization, students will learn how to plan, coordinate, and manage construction projects from inception to completion. They will also learn how to estimate, schedule and control the costs of a project and what it takes to manage the people involved and the various types of contracts. The students will gain the capability to work with a wide range of construction-related professionals including clients, architects, engineers, other contractors, and public officials such as building inspectors.