Program Details


  • Students learn to address such challenges through a curriculum and pedagogical approach that includes interdisciplinary breadth as well as depth in core areas of knowledge, skill and practice.
  • Opportunities to work in various Government programs/projects like AMRUT-for Capacity building requirement for several state government officials including Town & Country Planning Department and other local allied organizations.
  • Our students will be trained to:
    1. recognize and acknowledge the multidisciplinary foundations of urban and regional planning;
    2. address contemporary and emerging issues through planning exercises set in varied geographical and socio-cultural locations;
    3. apply relevant concepts and frameworks to analyze, and critically evaluate urban questions in their own professional fields;
    4. participate in public discussions on contemporary planning policies pertaining to urban and regional challenges.
  • Collaboration with Indian Institute of remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun:
    1. Joint Collaboration on workshops, short term courses, projects, seminars and conferences with Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun;
    2. Involvement in content development for remote sensing and in Geo spatial technology related subjects in Urban & Regional Planning;
    3. Engagement in on-going and upcoming projects of IIRS to conduct surveys and data collection;
    4. Exposure of minimum 2 months summer internship in Geo spatial technology with IIRS;
    5. Joint Guidance to the students by IIRS faculty members in final thesis project.

Program Curriculum (As Per FFCBCS Scheme)

M.Plan (Urban and Regional Planning)