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School of Architecture, Planning & Design

  • Musings...

    The School of Architecture, Planning & Design is a dynamic Department of DIT, a premier University of higher learning in Science, Technology and Management with deep ties to the profession representing high cultural diversity. We believe in pluralism and critical thinking and celebrate diversity and of all members of our community. Our nationally-accredited, professional degree programs in B.Arch, B-Design (ID) and B-Design (UX/UI) and M. Design provide students with cutting edge technical skills and the cultural knowledge in a highly interactive interdisciplinary environment, necessary to work or practice in an increasingly competitive global market. Our studio experience focuses on intensive and extensive exploration of the creative processes, supported by challenging approaches to history, theory in the context of technologies that inform the future. We provide a highly innovative environment for design education in which students benefit from extensive one-on-one communication with highly experienced dedicated faculty in formal reviews and informal interactions. Our Department is known to have produced many remarkable alumni who are not only engaged in reputed organizations nationally and internationally, but have made a mark as entrepreneurs and pioneers in exploring new horizons in Design and Technology.

  • Profile

    Prof. Anjali Krishan Sharma, Director – School of Architecture, Planning & Design

    Professor of Architecture and Ex-Dean, an Architect Planner graduated from School of Planning and Architecture; New Delhi acknowledged as ‘Institute of National Importance’ by the government of India. Have a versatile experience of thirty-seven years of academia, practice and real estate sector; Senior Fellow with Higher Education Academy UK [Advance-HE]; recognized RIBA Chartered member and have been and continuing as member of advisory committee for International Conference, Boards of studies, Academic council, Convener, Expert representing Council of Architecture to External reviewer of Cultural properties for nominations through ICOMOS for World Monument Fund and continuing. Was awarded an Indo-Dutch fellowship to research on Housing Typologies in public sector housings and won first prize in a national housing design idea competition and the project as well. Have worked on the Indian Heritage Cities Network program, UNESCO; a continuation of her doctoral work on Sustainability and historic city, also a core member of Asian Universities Network Forum on Advances in Research, Japan. Have published Chapters/ case study/ papers on sustainability, urban development, resilience, historic cities, Energy and Climate change, transformations and regional environmental issues, Book entitled “Traditional Urbanism Response to Climate Change - walled City of Jaipur” under publication by Springer. Have been a keynote speaker, panelist in Asian and international platforms.

  • Musings...

    We at School of Architecture, Planning & Design completely believe in student centric learning approach. Our philosophy of architecture education integrates the imaginative skills, practical experience and ability to draw inspiration from socio- cultural and environment challenges. Our faculty comes from diverse backgrounds like architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, construction management and environmental planning. Each of our faculty member adds unique strength to the department.

    our major emphasis is on providing experiential learning to the students by conducting hands on workshops. The student experience is further enriched by organizing guest lectures and interactive sessions with eminent professionals from the field. FoAD also understands its social responsibilities and hence, our faculty and students are actively engaged with the development process for local communities. Research and consultancy is another area of importance for the department. We encourage our faculty and students to actively participate in consultancy projects. His department also offers opportunities for students to work with development authority and other allied organizations working on Dehradun Smart City Project. Recently, we have collaborated with esteemed organizations like Development Alternatives for providing research support for consultancy projects. For nearly a decade, FoAD has produced committed professionals who are continuously adding value to the architecture profession.

  • Profile

    Head of Department: Mr. Jitendra Sarohi

    Ar. Jitendra Kumar Sarohi is an Associate Professor and HoD at School of Architecture & Design (SoAD), DIT University Dehradun. Ar. Sarohi graduated from Government College of Architecture Lucknow and completed his postgraduate studies at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. Ar. Jitendra Sarohi has more than 20 years of experience in academics, consultancy and administration. His research interests lie in the area of building services and building energy efficiency codes. He has been a resource person for Council of Architecture (COA) and National Testing Agency (NTA) as an Observer, Evaluator and Inspection Committee member.

  • Mission

    • To be a globally recognized and distinguished center of learning, innovation, capacity building in the area of architecture and design. Striving to engage in academic, research and community activities to address the socio- cultural and environmental issues.
  • Vision

    To develop a culture of design thinking, innovation and digital technology in each student for skill development, entrepreneurship and dynamic start-ups. To prepare the students as important contributors to interdisciplinary teams and encourage them to engage in resolving the local and regional issues of global significance. To nurture and develop the creativity and professional attitude with responsibility

  • USP

    The program focuses on Globalization, Urbanization, Climate Change and Technology inculcating a culture in Design Thinking, Innovation and Digital Technology in line with the Government's programs for Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Dynamic start-ups. Our students are trained to: (a) Become architects not only to design autonomous buildings but also to collaborate a physical environment that is contextual and multilayered. (b) Engage with the City and its nearby villages on current developmental issues and hence get excellent hands on experience

  • About

    School of Architecture & Design at DIT University helps the students to develop creative confidence with the courage to take creative risks and the knowledge and skills to discern the lasting value of such ideas. We wish to develop skilled professionals who design built environments that are ecologically sustainable and resilient; prosperous and fair; healthy and aesthetic.

  • We perceive architectural education to be an ever evolving link connecting nature, society and technology. Providing students with the latest technologies and equipping them with innovative and sustainable ways of handling these is our objective.

  • The Institute, situated in the lap of nature, aspires to associate proactively with the objective of sustainable and appropriate architecture. We believe in grooming our students and pointing them in the direction of creating Architecture that achieves a balance between the built spaces and natural environment and also the societal contexts that it operates in.

The Architecture programme at DIT provides students with a comprehensive, professional and relevant architectural education. The programme focuses on:

  • Encouraging students in academics through an interdisciplinary approach that prepares well-rounded professionals.

  • Nurturing students in the exploration of Architecture and its divergent approaches, their creativity in design and their expressions of personal beliefs in their personal and professional activities.

  • Inspiring students to demonstrate their commitment to our natural environment, sustainability and the development of a quality built environment.

  • We have been striving to and have succeeded in achieving this in the last 15 years that we have been in existence. Going forward and building on our past strengths,

    we wish our students to be equipped with a spirit of entrepreneurialism and innovation- the willingness to live with risk and uncertainty, adapt to and embrace change, and recognize being a life-long learner which will be a key to their success.

  • In the coming years, we propose to introduce more activities to enhance practical knowledge apart from the theoretical curriculum and make our approach to Architectural Education more hands-on and experiential.

    We also emphasise on imparting an education that puts Sustainable and Appropriate Architecture at its core, especially in the areas of Systemic and Ecological developments of Habitation and Urbanisation in the Himalayas.

USPs of School of Architecture & Design, DIT University

  • An increasingly vibrant Expert Interaction Programs (with Master Classes, Workshops, Guest Lectures etc.

  • Being situated in dehradun, School of Architecture & Design at DIT University is best placed for research in sustainability and environmentally robust architectural practices.

  • Networked with other allied Premier Institutions of the region (like the Archaeological Survey of India, Indian Remote Sensing Institute etc.), we bring a multi-disciplinarity and exposure to the curriculum.

  • An education that bridges Science, Technology, Art and Humanities , thus creating well rounded professionals.

  • Research/Documentation/Graphics/Journalism and such related courses have been introduced to give a varied and vast choice as career options for a graduate in Architecture.

  • As we expand and incorporate more specialized programs into our fold, we look forward to students who are creative, innovative and pioneering which is our vision for ourselves, our environment and our country.

School of Architecture & Design at the DIT University completed 15 yrs in 2020. Started In 2005, the faculty has already seen 6 graduating batches leave its portals and join the fast growing professional field of architecture. With the current push for economic & urban development, Architecture is one of the fastest growing professional fields in the country today. The graduates get absorbed in the field or have the option of pursuing higher studies in India or abroad.


  • Bhagwantpur Village is adopted under ‘Adopt a Village’ scheme of DIT University.

  • Consultancy offered to Development Alternatives for understanding and mapping water issues in Dehradun Smart City delineated area.

  • Global Human Resource Development Centre (GHRDC) positioned DIT University as the 6th Best Architecture University in India.

  • Knowledge Partner with IIT Roorkee School of Architecture & Design, DIT University became a knowledge partner with Department of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee for organizing and International Conference on Future Cities in Dec 2019. This event witnessed a conglomeration of eminent academicians, practicing professionals and decision makers from India and around the globe.

    Prof. Chhabi Mishra, Director FoAD and Ar. Jitendra Sarohi, Head FoAD were associated with the event as Member National Committee and Member Technical Committee respectively

  • Collaboration Activities: Workshop on Timber in collaboration with Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)

    We have recently conducted a collaborative training program with Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage. Students from INTACH Heritage Academy and DITU were given training on study, use and conservation of Timber.


AutoCAD Lab

  • School of Architecture & Design at DIT has a state-of-art computer lab with 40 large screen computers with licensed software. Other peripherals linclude plotters, printers, scanners, projectors and reprographic machines.

    The systems are installed with Windows XP Professional. The Application softwares available are AutoCAD, Revit 2008, Adobe Photoshop and ArchiCAD 9.

  • Survey Lab

    The survey lab is used for surveying exercises and is equipped with all latest instrumentation viz levels, total stations, and GPS receivers sets for conducting ground surveying works.These are critical to a comprehensive Architectural Education.

  • Central Workshop

    We have the state of the art facilities in central workshop with Machine shop, Engine Lathe, Center Lathe, Carpentry shop. Fitting shop. Foundry, Fabrication shop, Welding Shop.

  • Model-making workshop

    An Architect has to not only design a building in two dimensions, but has to understand the third dimension of this built form as well and thus making models is a critical component of Architectural education. The Department has a Model making workshop which compliments the Central Workshop and provides the students with the necessary tools and skills needed for his course.

  • Art Studio

    To facilitate the development of the visual skills and imagination of students, School of Architecture & Design has a fully furnished Art Studio where they can explore and experiment with various materials and media.

  • Climatology Lab

    Architecture is closely linked to the natural world. A study in Architecture would be incomplete without understanding the geographical and climatological phenomena. To facilitate this, the Faculty of Architecture and Design has an equipped Climatology Lab with the instruments and facilities needed to ensure that the students are trained and competent to handle this aspect of the profession as well.

  • Departmental Library

    Besides the Central Library, the Department has an extensive in-house library that caters to the specifics of Architectural Education. It has 1200 titles, more than 5000 volumes and 36 national and international journals. The Library also subscribes to the EBESCO Online Data Base. The Library also provides a Resource Centre where previous years Theses and Reports, as well as Documentation work available for ready reference.

  • Studios

    Architecture education is a hands-on process and besides the theoretical inputs, a lot of learning happens by doing. To facilitate this, the Department has dedicated studios for each year, which are where the maximum time of an architecture student is spent and where she learns the most.

  • Construction Yard

    Practice and experiential learning are critical to a robust Architectural pedagogy. At the DIT University campus, a dedicated construction yard where the students learn by doing, is an integral part of the education process.