Admission Withdrawal / Cancellation and Fee Refund policy
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I. Procedure for Admission Withdrawal

  1. All applications for Admission Withdrawal including Hostel or Transportation withdrawal shall be submitted in prescribed Format as attached with the policy.
  2. Date of withdrawal for above purpose is the date when duly signed Copy of completely filled Form (In person or by E-mail ID : is submitted to Admissions Office in prescribed form by the Prospective Student. Date of any telephonic confirmation/E mail without Form will not be considered for the purpose of Withdrawal/Withdrawal Date.
  3. The University has right to cancel the admission of any student, if any student fails to pay the fees by the due date or fails to submit mandatory documents as mentioned in respective Provisional Admission letter, or, the student absents himself / herself from the University without seeking approval. In such case, refund, if any, shall be governed as per the applicable policy.

II. Fee Deposit Schedule

  1. The last date for payment of remaining fee for new Admissions shall be as mentioned in the respective Provisional Admission letter.
  2. The fee is calculated and charged annually, but for the convenience of the students, payment is facilitated in two installments except in the final year. In case of refunds, Annual fees (Installment I and Installment II) as mentioned in applicable fee schedule shall be considered.
  3. Students are required to submit a valid UK Domicile certificate (in student’s name) at the time of Provisional admission itself to avail the benefit of UK Domicile Scholarship.
  4. Any application/s received after the admission for change of category will not be considered for the UK Domicile scholarship.

III. Admission Withdrawal, Cancellation & Refund Rules

1) Refund Policy for Registration Fee

  1. Registration Fee is non-refundable.

2) Refund Policy for Program Fee :

  1. The applicable amount of deduction shall be as per the below table depending upon date of withdrawal of prospective student.
  2. Detailed effective deductions for refund on the basis of withdrawal dates are as follows:
    Sr. No Dates of Withdrawal Applied Deduction from Fees
    1 On or before 15th July 2019 Rs 5000/-
    2 16th July 2019 to 30th July 2019 10% of Annual Fees
    3 31st July2019 to 14th Aug 2019 20% of Annual Fees
    4 15th Aug 2019 to 30th Aug 2019 50% of Annual Fees
    5 After 30th Aug 2019 100% of Annual Fees

    *Above refund policy is effective for Academic Session 2019-2020. In addition to above, Rs 25000/- shall be deducted against Admission/Counselling Fee.

    *Notified Last date for Admissions against regular seats is 30th July 2019 for the Admission year 2019-2020.

  3. Annual Fees for above purpose includes Admission/Counselling fee, Annual Tuition fees, Development fees, and Academic Service fees for the Year.
  4. Any scholarship, if granted for admission, will not be considered for calculation of Annual fees.
  5. The dates mentioned in this Policy will apply irrespective of the date of admission.
  6. In case the student reports for the Program and applies for withdrawal subsequently, an additional amount of Rs 10000/- on account of Joining Kit is deducted from refundable amount over and above as mentioned in table above.
  7. In case, deductible amount is more than the amount paid by the student against Annual fees, differential amount will be adjusted from any other amount paid by the student including security.

3) Refund Policy for Hostel, Mess & Laundry Fee

  1. If the student withdraws before the notified date of commencement of classes/reporting for Hostel, only Rs. 1,000/- will be deducted as processing charges and balance shall be refunded.
  2. If the student withdraws from Hostel after the commencement of classes (irrespective of the date of admission and irrespective of whether the candidate has occupied room or not), the complete Annual hostel fee shall be forfeited. In such cases, only Mess fee & Laundry fee for balance months shall be refunded on pro rata basis. (Fees of Hostel is for 10 months).
  3. If the student has availed hostel facility even for one day in a calendar month, then Mess & Laundry fee for that calendar month shall also be deducted.
  4. Student should give one month prior intimation to vacate the hostel to Chief Warden.

4) Refund policy for Transport Fee

  1. If the student withdraws before the commencement of classes, only Rs. 500/- shall be deducted as processing charges and balance shall be refunded.
  2. If the student withdraws after the commencement of classes, then refund shall be calculated on half yearly basis. No withdrawal is allowed during term and post 30th Nov of the calendar year, in case, Annual Transport fees is paid. (Half yearly fees for Transport Rs 7500/-). Transport Fees is for 10 months.

IV. Admission Cancellation Policy
In case of non-payment of remaining fee by due date, the provisional admission shall stand cancelled.

V. Other Notes

  1. All students are admitted provisionally till they deposit all prescribed fees, pass certificates as per eligibility criteria, Migration Certificate, other certificates as applicable and mentioned in the provisional admission letter.
  2. Any student who does not comply with any of the above conditions within the stipulated time, the University shall have the right to cancel his/her admission.
  3. While calculating the refund, if there are any dues in any account of the student, the same will be adjusted first and then the balance amount will be refunded to the student.
  4. The late fee rules mentioned on DIT University’s website would be applicable from second installment onwards ONLY.
  5. No admission is considered as Auto withdrawal until required formalities are completed as per policy.
  6. The University is not responsible for any delay in transit involved in receipt and delivery of any communication between the University and the applicant.
  7. Those who are given provisional admission in spite of their not having the qualifying examination result must submit the said result (meeting the eligibility criteria) before Sep. 30th 2019, failing which their Provisional admission will stand cancelled and No refund shall be made except for caution money.
  8. No interest is paid on refund of any fees/deposit.
  9. The University reserves the right to modify and amend refunds policies.
  10. All disputes are subject to the legal jurisdiction of Dehradun Courts only.

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