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‘Team Parakram’ for achieved ALL INDIA RANK 1st in Pre-virtual round of Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC-2018) held at Rajasthan

  • Students from various disciplines of BTech 1st and 2nd year have formed a team - 'Team Parakram' to represent the University in an Asian Level Competition- electric Solar Vehicle Championship- 2018;

    1.Devansh Gupta (Captain)  ME-C 2nd Year

    2.Vartik Shrivastav (Vice-captain) ME-C(AE) 2nd Year

    3.Abhijeet Singh                      ME-C(AE) 2nd Year

    4.Abhinav Dimri                       ME-C        2nd Year

    5.Ariz Faridi                             ME-C(AE) 2nd Year

    6.Gautam Punetha                  ME-A         1st Year

    7.Khimesh Ruwali                   ME-C(AE) 2nd Year

    8.Pulkit Kulyal                         ME-AE      1st Year

    9.Rajat Gupta                          ME-AE       1st Year

    10.Saurabh Chand                  ME-AE       , 1st Year

    11.Shrey Mishra                      ME-C          2nd Year

    12.Shubham Kumar Singh      ME-C(AE)   2nd Year

    2.The team participated in the pre-virtual round of ESVC-2018 held at Arya College of Engineering Rajasthan from 13/10/2017 to 15/10/2017, as the team comes under the North zone of the championship.

    3.There the team had a 3 days long workshop about mechanical, electrical, designing, calculations & project planning aspects for a vehicle on the last day of the workshop the team has to appear in an online test which was based upon the RULEBOOK of ESVC-2018.

    4.The team achieved All INDIA RANK 1st & 1st RANK IN UTTARAKHAND as well as in the !st RANK in the NORTH ZONE. Variuos Nit's, IIt's and many prestigious institutes are also competing in this championship.

    5.We seek for your blessings to shine more in the future.

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