Seed Money Projects

Academic Session Title Department Name of Faculty Sactioned INR in Lacs
2018-19 Synthesis of Graphene-Nano--composite for Organic Dyes Removal Physics Dr. Pankaj Chamoli 2.00
2017-18 Effect of Nano Particles Doping on the Physical Properties of Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Phases Physics Dr. Ravi K.Shukla 5.50
2016-17 Development of Polymer Solutions Using Synthesized Additives for Enhanced Oil Recovery Petroleum Dr. Rajat Jain 2.50
2016-17 Development of Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Smart Surfaces: Role of TiO2 Physics Dr. Samta Manori 1.00
2016-17 Transition Metal Substituted Soft Nano-Ferrites for Humidity Sensors and Other Applications Physics Dr. Parveen Kumar 1.20
2016-17 Experimental Study of Polymer Gel for Sand Consolidation in Hydrocarbon Reservoir Petroleum Dr. Upendra Yadav 2.50
2015-16 Study & Design of Low Power Circuits for Cognitive Radio ECE Mr. Vimal Kant Pandey 6.00
2015-16 Hybrid Plasmonic waveguide based Coupler for Optical Interconnect ECE Mr. Tarun Sharma & Dr. Sandeep Sharma 2.60
2015-16 Programmable Robotic Farm help for Automatic Plant Disease Detection & Eradication ECE Dr. Sandeep Sharma & Mr. P. Devangan 0.50
2015-16 Removal of some Divalent Cations from Water using Polysaccharide Grafted Copolymers Chemistry Dr. D.N. Tripathi 1.00
2015-16 Spectral Analysis of isolates from Calendula officinalis and jasminumofficinale for antimicrobial property Pharmacy Mr. Samir Bhargava 0.15
2015-16 GSM/3G/HSPA Drive Test and Optimization ECE & EE Dr. Sonika Singh, Mr. Saurabh Mishra & Dr. Gagan Singh  5.50
2015-16 Experimental Investigation on heat Transfer and Fluid flow characteristics through Rectangular channel having Blockages with elongated openings ME Mr. Rajeev Pandey 2.61
2015-16 Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and pressure drop in a circular tube with perforated conical inserts  ME Mr. Gaurav Prakash Srivastava 2.52
2015-16 An Experimental Investigation of Heat Penetration in large size spherical element at high temperature for sensible heat thermal energy storage system ME Mr. Ravi Kumar 2.15
2015-16 Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and Fluid flow characteristics of Circular Tube with Perforated twisted tape Inserts IPE/ME Mr. Bipin Kumar 2.00
2015-16 Computer Literacy in rural area (Purola block, Uttarakashi) IT Dr. Rama Sushil, Mr. Pradeep Singh Rawat & Mrs. Garima Verma 1.25
2015-16 Prediction of Splice site by using principle component analysis and case based reasoning with support vector machine  CSE Dr. Srabanti Maji 1.70
2015-16 Interlaminar Fracture Toughness in Composites ME Mr. Pankaj Singh Chandel 2.50
2015-16 Liquid Crystalline Gel Phases as Electrolyte Physics Dr. Ravi K.Shukla 1.50
2015-16 Synthesis and Characterization of Magneto-electric Composites with 2-2 type Connectivity Physics Dr. Praveen Kumar 1.70
2015-16 GSM/3G/HSPA Drive Test and Optimization EE&ECE Dr. Sonika Singh, Mr. Saurabh Mishra & Dr. Gagan Singh  6.00
2014-15 Performance study of Metamaterials and design of Metamaterials optical sensors for various applications ECE Dr Anamika Kumari 1.40
2014-15 Heat transfer enhancement in a heat exchanger tube with protruded surface ME Dr. Manoj Kumar and Dr. Sunil Chamoli 0.18
2014-15 Development of nano-composite/ nano-colloids and micro/thin film for dielectric, ferroelectric and capacitive application (Phase -1) Physics Dr Praveen Kumar and Dr. Ravi Shukla 9.90
2014-15 Isolation and screening of bio-active compounds from petals of Calendula officinalis and Jasminum officinale for antimicrobial property. Pharmacy Dr. Sameer Bhargva 0.75
2014-15 Performance study of some WDM optical network components and design of optical switching devices ECE Dr. Santosh Kumar 5.00
2014-15 Heat transfer & fluid flow characteristics of heat exchanger tube with circular disc inserts ME Dr Sunil Chamoli and Prof. manoj Kumar 1.42
2014-15 Synthesis of smart potent anti-inflammatory compounds Pharmacy Dr. Sushant Kumar 0.75