Placement Policy

Placement Policy & Rules Regulating Placements


  1. The University have established a ‘Career Services Office’ which shall maintain and develop regular contact/linkages with employer organizations with a view to assess their current and changing needs, as also their human resource requirements.

  2. The Career Services Office shall facilitate “Final Placements’ for the graduating students.

  3. For “Final Job Placements”, the Career Services Office shall facilitate opportunities for campus interviews (including at Off-Campuses) with companies/organizations in the related domain.

  4. To this extent, the obligation of the University shall be limited to providing ‘job placement assistance’ only and not “placement guarantee”.

  5. Students when called for interviews at off-campus locations shall be required to bear their travel/other expenses. The University will have no financial liability in this regard.

  6. In discharge of its activities, the Career Services Office may be assisted by “Student Placement Representatives” (Pre-final Year – Operational Activities and Final Year – Market Research and Industry Information) formed by a committee comprising of its respective Department Head, Faculty Coordinator & Career Services Office through a process of nomination at the beginning of the academic session.

  7. Nominated faculty coordinator from respective branches will be closely working with CS team during the progress of placement activities and will be jointly associated in capturing the feedback from the industry (as per his/her availability during the feedback session), post any campus event. For off campus drive the same may be organized through Tele/Skype conference. Team CS will be responsible for disseminating all the information well in time, upon receiving the information in hand.


This policy is applicable for Campus Placement 2019-20 and is applicable to all the students from all the courses in their final year, who will register for Placements through SAP Portal (in the month of July, 2019):

  1. Eligibility criteria for any company will be defined by the company and will be treated as Final. Only eligible students as per the criteria of the company will be allowed to appear for the recruitment process of that company.

  1. All the students are required to mandatorily register themselves on an SAP portal for every single Campus/Off-Campus placement process. The link may be provided with a minimal deadline as well (even 4 hours) with reference to the information available with Career Services Department from the company. This measure is taken to ensure attendance for any Campus Placement Process.

  1. The student offer scenarios will be as follows: -

    1. If a student from ME/EE/CE/PE/ECE is selected with a core company (company offering a profile of his/her domain), prior any IT/ITES Company visit, he/she will then ONLY be eligible for one Core/Dream status company opportunity. However, in case the student of the aforesaid branches receive the offer of any IT/Allied Sector Company before the core or Dream Status Company, then he/she will be eligible only to avail opportunity in any One core company besides any blue-chip company (applicable for all as per the eligibility criteria).

    2. If a student from CS/IT is selected ONCE with any Mass Recruiter/Day 1 company, he/she will be given another opportunity, besides Blue-chip Company, provided he/she qualifies the eligibility criteria of the company.

  1. Students from MBA/MCA/Pharmacy can avail one offer each in their specialization. The students may be offered to appear in a Dream Status Company, depending upon the eligibility criteria of the company.

  1. Students will be allowed to appear for a maximum of 8 opportunities, until he/she gets placed. However, the university will support all the unplaced students through Extended Placement Opportunity. Once placed as per any of the scenarios mentioned in point 3, no further opportunities will be provided to the selected students.

  1. Extended Placement support will be provided ONLY to the unplaced students, till 31st June, 2020. The unplaced students need to re-register themselves for placements on or before 30th April, 2020 (Re-registration link will be open with the unplaced student’s atleast 7 to 10 days before 30th April, 2020).

  1. The placement of a student will be based on his/her profile and in accordance with the selection criteria and the recruitment process/policy of the respective employer organizations. The University, therefore, shall not be answerable for any procedural act or policy of the organization concerned.

  1. If a student enrolls for placement assistance in a particular organization but fails to appear in the interview for any critical reason, the same needs to be informed to the concerned HOD/DPC/Career Services Team, well in advance, otherwise it shall be considered as an opportunity extended (ref. point no. 2)

  1. The relationship with our esteemed organization is extremely sensitive and each student must ensure to maintain the discipline right from the beginning to offer acceptance stages.

  1. Few organizations will be looking for early joining. The same has to be approved by Academics after necessary receipt of undertaking from the students.

  1. In case of parallel recruitment procedures of two or more companies, if an unavoidable case of clash of procedures arise then a student may be asked to choose between the companies and hence can continue in the post-selection procedure with the selected company ONLY. No change in decision in this regard will be accepted in any case after advancement in the selection procedure from that point.

  1. Student rejecting any placement offered through Training and Placement Cell is required to inform (in writing through DPC & HOD) to the Training and Placement Office immediately, citing a valid reason for such rejection. And must submit a written document stating that he/she doesn’t require any further placement assistance.

  1. In case a student secures an offer on his/her own efforts, he/she MUST inform the Career Services Department (through respective HOD/DPC), immediately upon receipt of offer letter.

  1. Students who are going for further studies MUST intimate the Career Services Department, well in advance (through respective HOD/DPC), to avoid ambiguity of their candidature for campus placements.

  1. The decision of the committee comprising of Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor & Dean Career Services on all matters pertaining to students’ placement, shall be treated as final.