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School of Architecture, Planning & Design

  • Guest Lecture on "An Overview of Disaster Management in Uttarakhand"

  • An Overview of Disaster Management in Uttarakhand

    By Ms. Deepshikha Rawat


    The Presentation was held majorly for Final year students along with the faculties of the Department of Architecture and design where, the speaker brought the insights about various aspects of Disaster Management prevailing in the state in present scenarios to light.
    Theme of the discussion
    How Disaster Management is an Effort to foster development by reducing the toll of disasters and is a must for Sustainable development.
    Important points like Response (Relief and Rescue), Rehabilitation, Development, Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness were also covered during the presentation.


    1. Brief overview of Disaster Management
    2. Types of Disasters
    3. How Earthquake Resistant structures should be Aim and worked on.
    4. Structural Safety 
    5. Secularity of disaster
    6. Most Economically Devastating years in present decade
    7. How recurring disasters result in poverty
    8. Relief Camps and how they operate during a disaster
    9. Risks, Human Behavior, Occupation and Loss during a Disaster
    10. Early Warning system in collaboration with students from IIT Roorkee
    11. Weather stations installations and their importance
    12. Awareness- especially among the Students around the state
    13. Measures to be considered in case of emergency and Connection loss
    14. Safety Measures and their execution
    15. Checklist of Priority in Relief Camps during a disaster


    1. Understanding the basics of Disaster Management.
    2. Better Appreciation of importance of Disaster Management
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