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School of Architecture, Planning & Design

  • 'DIT IDOL SEASON 5' by Mesmeronica Club

  • Mesmeronica, The Singing and Dancing Club of the DIT university organized 'DIT IDOL SEASON 5', the 5th season of the most fascinating musical event of the academic session on 21st  October 2019. The event saw an great response from the students all over the University. The 4 categories for the event were Indian Solo, Western Solo, Rap and Instrumental.

    The event was blessed with the presence of Prof. Chavvi Mishra, Director of Faculty of Architecture and  Design accompanied  by Mr. Gaurav Dhiman, profound musician based in Dehradun as the Judges and guided throughout the event  by Pro Vice Chancellor of DIT University Brigadier (Dr) M Srinivasan(Retired).

    Mr. Gaurav Dhiman is an classical music learner from the past 7 years and lead singer of the band RIHA.

    Pranav Siddhant was adjourned winner in the Indian Solo category followed by Satyam Barthwal, Varnit Raj and Taranpreet Singh in the Western Solo, Rap and Instrumental category respectively. It was an event full of energy and enthusiasm and an recognizable organization from Mesmeronica club.

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