Department of Physics

  • The Department of Physics has four well equipped state-of-art laboratories which are supervised by well qualified experienced faculty members.



    The Engineering Physics laboratories of DIT University are contemporary setups with spacious practical training areas for all engineering students. These have a total covered area of more than 250 square meters with a separate dark room for performing various optics experiments. There are around 48 experimental setups of 28 experiments. These relate to the field of optics, fibre optics, heat, electricity & magnetism, electronics and modern physics, thereby covering the entire span of the syllabus. The study materials of all these experiments for reference by the students are available in the Department of Physics.

  • M.Sc. Physics Lab

    The M.Sc Physics Laboratory has been set up and this state of art laboratory will provide a hands-on experience to the students in experiments related to the different courses being taught to them. This laboratory will include experiments from the fields of condensed matter physics and materials sciences, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, electronics, fibre optics and photonics etc.

  • Mechanics Lab

    The Mechanics Laboratory has been established in the department for the students of B.Sc (Honors) Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The laboratory covers all the major experiments based on the principles of mechanics like Fly Wheel, Maxwell’s needle, Searle’s method, Bar Pendulum, Kater’s Pendulum, Bending of beam and many more.

  • Modern Physics Lab

    The Modern Physics Laboratory in department of Physics has been equipped with the experiments like e/m by Thomson Method, atomic spectra of a 2 electron system, Lande's g factor using electron spin resonance spectrometer, wavelength of H-alpha emission line of Hydrogen atom, work function of material of filament of directly heated vacuum diode, Photo-electric effect, Planck’s constant using Black body radiation and LEDs, ionization potential of mercury etc.

  • Thermal Physics Lab

    The Thermal Physics Laboratory has been set up in the department as a part of the curriculum of B.Sc (H) Physics students. All the foremost experiments based on heat and thermodynamics has been installed to make a better understanding of the concepts. The experiments include Callender and Barne’s constant flow method, Searle’s Apparatus, Angstrom’s Method, Lee and Charlton’s disc method, variation of Thermo-Emf of a Thermocouple with Difference of Temperature, Temperature Coefficient of Resistance by Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) etc.

  • Materials Research Lab

    Materials Research Laboratory was established in year 2015 in the Department of Physics. This laboratory is designed to cater to the needs of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students and pursue research in the interdisciplinary fields. In today’s world nanoscale is the new frontier of science and technology and this state of art laboratory is involved in carrying out research in nano-science, material science and other interdisciplinary areas. Presently the areas of interest are nano scale science, soft material and colloids, liquid crystals, grapheme, ferroelectrics and dielectrics, multiferroics and ferrites materials, electroceramics, Photocatalytic and self cleaning thin films. Currently materials research laboratory in-house capabilities include the synthesis facilities, spin coater, muffle furnace, centrifuge, hot plate with magnetic stirrer, magnetic Tc measurement set up (drop method), sonicator, UV visible, Polarizing microscope, DC Poling Unit, Thin Film Depositor by Dip method, LCR meter etc.