Department of Chemistry


  • Chemistry is the back bone in designing and understanding the nature of various engineering materials. Many advances in engineering either produce a new chemical demand as in the case of polymers or wait upon chemical developments or their application as in the case of implants and alloys. Currently, the electronics and computers engineers are waiting for suitable biopolymers and nano molecules for use in miniature super computers, the electrical engineers are in search of proper conducting polymers, the mechanical engineers are on lookout for micro fluids and the civil engineers are looking for materials that are environment friendly, economical but long lasting.

    Postgraduate courses combine an extension of the application of fundamental principles in situations of regional importance with a more advanced treatment of some of the basic aspects of chemistry not covered in detail in undergraduate courses, e.g. soil, food and water chemistry, natural products chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry and recent advances in chromatography and spectroscopy.

  • Courses offered by Chemistry Department:

    At Undergraduate Level - Engineering Chemistry , Environmental Science

    At Postgraduate level - Advanced Analytical , Techniques Chemistry of Natural products , Nano science & Technology , Chemistry of Cementing Materials

    Ph. D. Facilities

    Nano Technology , Cementing Material Chemistry , Biodiversity , Sustainable Development , Natural product Chemistry , Medicinal Chemistry , Pharmaceutical Chemistry , Polymer Chemistry , Electrochemistry of Biomolecules , Fuels