Department of Chemistry

Sr. No. Name of the Author Title of the Paper Name of Journal Year Page Number
1 Suheel K Porwal
P Niranjana,
Santosh J Gharpure,
Cascade Radical Cyclization to Vinylogous Carbonates/Carbamates for the Synthesis of Oxa-and Aza-Angular Triquinanes: Diastereoselectivity Depends on the Ring Size of Radical precursors. Synthesis 2018 2954-2967
2 Elle James, Bryan Knuckley, Norah Alqahtani, Suheel K. Porwal, Jisun Ban, Jonathan Karty, Rajesh Viswanathan, Amy Lane Two Distinct Cyclodipeptide Synthases from a Marine Actinomycete Catalyze Biosynthesis of the Same Diketopiperazine Natural Product” ACS Synthetic Biology 2016 547–553
3 Md. Faiz Ahmad, Sarah E Huff, John Pink, Intekhab Alam, Andrew Zhang, Kay Perry, Michael E. Harris, Tessianna Misko, Suheel K. Porwal, Nancy L. Oleinick, Masaru Miyagi, Rajesh Viswanathan, Chris Godfrey Dealwis Identification of Non-nucleoside Human Ribonucleotide Reductase Modulators Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2015 9498-9509.
4 Norah Alqahtani*; Suheel K. Porwal*; Elle D. James; Dana M. Bis; Jonathan A. Karty; Amy L. Lane; Rajesh Viswanathan Synergism between genome sequencing, tandem mass spectrometry and bio-?inspired synthesis reveals insights into nocardioazine B biogenesis. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2015 7177–7192
5 Suheel K. Porwal, Emilia Furia, Michael E. Harris, Rajesh Viswanathan, and L. Devireddy Synthetic, potentiometric and spectroscopic studies of chelation between Fe(III) and 2,5-DHBA supports salicylate-mode of siderophore binding interactions.  Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 2015 1-10
6 ” Zhuoming Liu, Scott Reba, Wei-Dong Chen, Suheel Kumar Porwal, W. Henry Boom, Robert B. Petersen, Roxana Rojas, Rajesh Viswanathan, and L. Devireddy, Regulation of mammalian siderophore 2,5-DHBA in the innate immune response to infection Journal of Experimental Medicine 2014 1-17
7 Karthikeyan Thandavamurthy, Deepti Sharma, Suheel K. Porwal, Dale Ray and Rajesh Viswanathan Regioselective Cope Rearrangement and Prenyltransfers on Indole Scaffold Mimicking Fungal and Bacterial Dimethyl Allyl Tryptophan Synthases Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014 10049-10067
8 P. Niranjana,Anita Pati,Suheel Kumar Porwal, V. Ramkumar,Santosh J. Gharpure, and Dillip Kumar Chand Coordination Polymers via Self-assembly of Silver(I) and cis-Bis-nitrile oxa-bowl Derivatives CrystEngComm 2013 9623-9633
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10 Santosh J. Gharpure, and Suheel K. Porwal, Synthesis of Oxa-, Aza- and Thia-Bowls and Cages Organic Preparations and Procedures International 2013 81-153
11 Santosh J. Gharpure,
P. Niranjana, and
Suheel K. Porwal,
Stereoselective Synthesis of Oxa- and Aza-Angular Triquinanes Using Tandem Radical Cyclization to Vinylogous Carbonates and Carbamates Org. Lett., 2012 5476-5479
12 Santosh J. Gharpure,
P. Niranjana, and
Suheel K. Porwal,
Synthesis of heterocyclic triquinanes via sequential radical cyclization, Synfacts 2013 0033
13 K. Pantopoulos,
Suheel K. Porwal,
A. Tartakoff, and
L. Devireddy
Mammalian mechanisms of Iron Homeostasis Biochemistry 2012 5705-5724
14 Santosh J. Gharpure,
Suheel K. Porwal
Alkyl radical cyclization to vinylogous carbonates for the stereoselective synthesis of unsymmetrical dioxa-cage compounds: Effect of conformation on the rate of cyclization v/s reduction Tetrahedron 2011 1216-1230.
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16 Santosh J. Gharpure,
Suheel K. Porwal
Topologically driven tandem radical cyclization strategy for the synthesis of oxa- and aza-cages Tetrahedron Lett. 2009 7162
17 Santosh J. Gharpure,
Suheel K. Porwal,
Stereoselective synthesis of new oxa-cages via alkyl radical cyclization to vinylogous carbonates Synlett 2008 242