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DIT Engineering Students have been manufacturing formula style car under the Entrepreneurship Development Cell. DIT Moto racing is the official FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) team of DIT University, which has just entered its 5th year. The team participated in FSI 2016(Formula Student India) which was an international competition held at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida. The competition the competition provides an opportunity to design, fabricate and manufacture a Formula-style car. Team consists of 30 members who have their specialization in different departments of car. Over 48 teams participated from all over India and only 9 teams were able to clear all rounds of technical inspection. DM-XVI participated in different static and dynamic events and achieved 4th Rankin cost report, skid pad, endurance, 12th in design event and secured 11th rank in the Event. During the main racing event the car achieved 4th position leaving behind many prestigious colleges like IIT Kanpur, Delhi Technical University, Thapar University and many more. DIT Moto racing has already started its work for their next prototype and is planning to participate in Formula Bharat and Formula Student Italy in 2018.

SAE NIS EFFI-CYCLE is an Intercollegiate design competition for the undergraduate and graduate engineering students where team of 6-10 students have to design and fabricate an energy efficient hybrid human powered three wheeled electric vehicle. According to the performances of the each team in the tests, each team is awarded a position for the final run, i.e., Endurance Run.

Team Audacious was included in top ten positions for endurance and secured 38th rank in BAJA SAE India 2016 event.


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