Major Research Projects – DIT University

Major Research Projects

1. Development of nano-composite/nanocolliods and micro/thin films for dielectric, ferroelectric and capacitive application Physics Dr.Parveen Kumar Dr. Ravi Kumar
2. Heat transfer enhancement in a heat exchanger tube with protruded surface ME Dr. Manoj Kumar Dr. Sunil Chamoli
3. Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of heat exchanger tube with circular disc inserts ME Dr Sunil Chamoli Dr Manoj Kumar
4. Synthesis of smart potent anti-inflammatory compounds Pharmacy Mr. S K Gupta
5. Isolation and screening of bio-active compounds from petals of calendula officinalis and Jasminumofficinale for antimicrobial property Pharmacy Mr. Samir Bhargava
6. Performance study of some WDM optical network components and design of optical switching devices ECE Dr Santosh Kumar
7. Performance study of metamaterials and design of metamaterials and optical sensors for various applications ECE Dr Santosh Kumar
8. Removal of some divalent cations from water using Polysaccharide grafted copolymers Chemistry Dr. D. N. Tripathi
9. Study and Design of low power circuits for cognitive radio ECE Dr.Vimal Kant Pandey
10. Isolation and screening of Bio-active compounds Pharmacy Dr Samir Bhargava
11. GSM/3G/HSPA drive test and optimization ECE Dr.Sonika Singh
12. Hybrid plasmonic waveguide based coupler for optical interconnect ECE Dr.Tarun Sharma
13. Programmable robotic farm help for automatic plant disease detection and eradication ECE Dr.Sandeep Sharma
14. Experimental investigation on heat transfer and fluid flow characteristic through rectangular channel having blockages with elongated openings ME Dr. Rajeev Pandey
15. Experimental investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop in a circular tube with perforated conical inserts ME Mr. Gaurav Prakash Srivastava
16. An experimental investigation of heat penetration in large size spherical element at high temperature for sensible heat thermal energy storage system ME Mr. Ravi Kumar
17. Experimental investigation of heat transfer anf fluid flow characteristics of circular tube with perforated twisted tape inserts IPE Mr. Bipin Kumar
18. Computer literacy and rural area (Purola block, Uttarkashi) IT Dr. Rama Sushil
19. Prediction of splice site by using principle component analysis and case based reasoning with support vector machine CSE Dr. SrabantiMaji
20. Interlaminar fracture toughness in composites ME Mr.Pankaj Singh Chandel
21. Synthesis and characterization of magnetoelectric composites with 2-2 type connectivity Physics Dr. Praveen kumar
22. Liquid crystalline gel phases as electrolyte Physics Dr. Ravi K. Shukla
23. Development of metamaterial based linear leaky wave array antenna for broad band applications in Ku band ECE Dr S C Gupta Mr.Nitin Kumar
24. Micro-Turbine-Pump-electricity-generator EDC Prof AK Sharma