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B.Tech in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electric Vehicle (4 years)

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    B.Tech in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electrical Vehicles is a degree program that combines the traditional Electrical Engineering curriculum with an emphasis on electric vehicles (EVs). This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to design, develop, and operate EVs.
    The program includes courses in power electronics, electric machines, batteries, control systems, and electric vehicle design. Students will also learn about the charging infrastructure and renewable energy sources that power EVs.
    Graduates of this program can pursue careers in the automotive industry, renewable energy sector, and electric transportation sector. They can work in areas such as design and development, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of electric vehicles and their associated systems.


Graduates of B.Tech in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electrical Vehicles can expect to be in high demand from a range of companies in various industries. Some of the companies that hire these engineers are:

  • Automobile manufacturers: Companies such as Tesla, Ford, General Motors, BMW, and Volkswagen are investing heavily in the development and production of electric vehicles. These companies are hiring engineers with expertise in electric vehicles to design and develop EVs and their components.
  • Electric vehicle component manufacturers: Companies such as Bosch, LG Chem, Panasonic, and Samsung are among the major suppliers of batteries, power electronics, and other components for electric vehicles. They hire engineers to design and develop these components.
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies: As the demand for electric vehicles grows, there will be a need for charging infrastructure to support them. Companies such as ChargePoint, EVgo, and ABB are among the major players in this field and hire engineers to develop and maintain charging stations and related infrastructure.
  • Renewable energy companies: Renewable energy companies such as SolarCity and SunPower are increasingly investing in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and grid integration solutions. These companies hire engineers with expertise in electrical engineering and renewable energy.
  • Startups: There are many startups emerging in the electric vehicle industry, offering new technologies and services related to EVs. These companies offer opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded engineers to work on cutting-edge technologies and disrupt the industry.
    Overall, there is a wide range of companies that hire graduates of B.Tech in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electrical Vehicles, including traditional automotive manufacturers, component suppliers, charging infrastructure providers, renewable energy companies, and startups.