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B.Tech in Civil Engineering with specialization in Smart Infrastructure and Sustainable City Planning (4 Years)

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    Current infrastructure systems and cities operate as interconnected networks to provide services to urban areas. Data that is collected from infrastructure components can be used to predict and infer the health of the overall system. Smart approaches for sensing and data processing can enhance the performance, reliability, and resilience of these systems. Contemporary urban challenges such as depletion of energy resources, safety, transport management, solid waste and wastewater management, etc. and also sustainable mobility, accessibility, citizen participation, tourism, etc. are in the need of Information Technology and Communication (ITC) tools which can aid in their management.
    Curriculum in this specialization meets the new demands posed by the growth of cities and would enable a student to gain the capability and knowledge to carry out all possible developmental activities for society and turn the cities into authentic places in which the quality of life and equal opportunities can be guaranteed. The use of technology in the sustainable management of infrastructure and cities represents a true revolution in the urban development model, given that it improves the efficiency in the management of municipal infrastructures and at the same time offers new services which improve the quality of life of its citizens.