Why Study in India
  • For all those who have dreams and aspirations for quality education, India is the perfect destination. With 343 Universities and 17000 colleges, India offers a wide spectrum of courses that are recognized globally.

    Studying in India, the second largest higher education network in the World is an enriching experience in itself. A welcoming atmosphere, non-discriminative approach and an assured educational and career growth is what attracts students from all over the world to India.

    1. 343 Universities and 17000 colleges
    2. Reasonable Fee Structures
    3. Graduate, post graduate and doctoral level courses for NRI’s
  • The Quality education that India offers is within the reach of every income-group considering the reasonable fee structure. Visiting India and being a part of an educational system makes you to live on the values of quality, growth and truthfulness.

    Studying in India is an enriching experience in itself that opens gates to professional growth. India offers many graduate, post graduate and doctoral level courses to NRIs and PIOs.

Strength of Indian Education-

  • Strong University Network

    India has the second largest education system in the world. Universities in general offer a wide spectrum to meet the goal desired.

  • Global Recognition

    Professionals trained in Indian Institutions are recognized globally. Over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies recruit from Indian campuses regularly.

  • English Medium

    India has the Third Largest English Speaking population in the world. Medium of instructions in higher education is primarily English.

  • Moderate Fee and Cost of Living

    India offers Quality Education at a fraction of cost compared to other educational destinations.

  • Welcoming Environment

    India extends an unbiased welcome to students of all nationalities, cultures and religions.

  • Personal Approach

    Indian education is based on personalized approach to teaching.

  • All Round Development

    Cultural and religious diversity on Indian campuses contributes towards the all round development.

  • The Indian Experience

    Known for its natural beauty and mystique appeal, It is unique and enduring.

  • World Centre for Education

    For centuries, India has been known as the global centre for Education.