Rajamohan Reddy Poondra

M. Sc - Kakatiya University; PhD - The University of Edinburgh, UK


  •  0135 – 7144000, 7144300
  • Specialisation

    Organic/Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology

  • Research Interest

    Synthetic Methodology, Catalysis, Functional Small Molecules, Parallel Solution-phase & Solid-phase Synthesis.

  • Brief Profile

    Dr.Rajamohan Reddy Poondra is in the Department of Chemistry, School of Physical Sciences. Dr. Poondra received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK, Postdoc from National Research Council Canada, Ottawa, Canada. His expertise includes the development of novel synthetic methods and functional small molecules, evaluation of novel technologies for drug discovery. His scientific interests are centered at three principal areas (i) new synthetic methods, (ii) small molecule lead discovery and (iii) chemical Biology. The research projects involves design and synthesis of small molecules followed by biological evaluation of the synthesized molecules. These compounds may be useful, either as probes to gain insight into complex biological machinery or as potential pre-clinical candidates for new therapies. His lab mainly utilizes different approaches of synthetic chemistry including catalysis (Metal- & Organo-), solid-supported & high-throughput synthesis, ideal synthesis for the construction of nature-inspired frameworks and privileged heterocyclic cores. Previously, Dr. Poondra held senior research positions at Dr. Reddy’s & SignMod, and has more than 20 years of experience in the life science industry. He is a co-author of high impact scientific publications in the areas of organic/medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.