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Webinar on 'Creation and Implementation of IPR in University'

  • Program Details:

    The session of current webinar explains the role of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) which is to project innovations by promoting and safeguarding the interests of the innovators which is extremely important and thus, is the need of hour. Along with that, it’ll discuss how IPR can be implemented in the university. It’ll ventilate how IPR in university aims to protect and manage the Intellectual Property Rights such as patent, copyright, trademark, etc. with legal support. The webinar will discuss everything from importance of IPR to the advantages of IPR cell in university.

    Speaker Details:


    Dr. Shweta Singh

    Dr. Shweta Singh, Founder and CEO of Ennoble IP/Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation/Shereal, has a rich amalgamation and affluence of corporate and educational expertise with excellence in the field of IPR, Startup Ecosystem and Management. 

    Having corporate expertise in IP research and strategy of over 13 years, covering all aspects of Intellectual Property laws, primarily covering Patent, Design and Trademark, Dr. Shweta has  worked  with  some  of   the renowned IP support service companies and world’s leading IP organizations building strong intellectual  property  for  long  term  strategic  bene?ts  and competitive edge. Dr. Shweta also possess 6 years of  core  experience  within the Startups Ecosystem with which she has been leading various women  led  startups  with  her  not  for  profit organization, WIEF.

    Some of her awards include being awarded as "Women Achiever of the year f or IP" 2019, a warded 40 under 40 Indian entrepreneurs by India investment Forum, awarded CEO of Year 2018 at India IT Summit, Ennoble IP Received Industry Excellence Award f or IP Services a t India IT Summit 2017, First woman to be part of IP colloquium program of WIPO Switzerland Geneva.



    Moderator Details:


    Mr. U. C. Agarwal

    Mr. U. C. Agarwal, Director, Centre of Innovation, Incubation, Entrepreneurship & Start Up (CIIES), and Vice President, Institutional Innovation Council, DIT University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Before joining to DIT, he established Atal Incubation Center-Manipal He is passionate about enabling people to excel in their professional and personal live through entrepreneurship development and skill enhancement.




    1.     To provide knowledge and highlight the importance of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights in university.

    2.      To provide a platform to discuss innovation and creativity in the areas of technology, sciences, and humanities will be fostered by nurturing new ideas along with creation and promotion of IPR in University

    3.     To give an insight on how faculty, students, and staff of the academic institution can protect their start-ups by translating their creative and innovative work into IP rights.

    4.     To understand the important for a systematic, fair, and transparent administrative process for ownership control and assignment of IP rights.

    5.    To create awareness on how IP cell can support all innovation, creativity and IPR related endeavors of students, researchers and faculty members.


    Learning outcomes

    1.      The session brings out the importance of IPR which is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions.

    2.      The webinar provides with insights about the revenue sharing on any IP generated from a partnership between the academic institution and external or internal partners. Besides, it’ll promote and motivate entrepreneurial activities by its students and staff.

    3.     The webinar will provide with knowledge on the fees which is to be paid to the academic institution by the assignee which consists of all patenting and licensing expenses and appropriate amount of royalties, equity or other value received by the inventor(s) and also, the creator(s) may seek the academic institution, to assign the rights to them after a certain holding period. 

    4.     By creation and implementation of IPR in university, it’ll promote a start-up set up by a researcher, student or staff of the university and many advantages that IPR holds in university like the start-up may be exempted from any upfront fee or royalty accrued, which it owes to the university, for a certain period.


    Programme Coordinator

    Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sethiya


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