Ph.D. in Population Health Informatics

Ph.D. in Population Health Informatics provides a unique opportunity to students seeking excellence towards enhancing population health outcomes through the use of multifaceted technology enabled interventions. Students get to participate in innovative technology enabled interventions and innovations to enable data driven, evidence based policy making using data, information and knowledge (DIK) framework. The program integrates knowledge and skills across population health, information and communication technology. It helps in translating research findings into practice using sustainable technological interventions and innovations

Focus Research area could be Mobile health, Consumer informatics, Telehealth, Computer interventions for disease prevention and self-management, Human Centered Design, Patient Education and last but not the least Nutrition informatics.



Applicants with Master's Degrees from disciplines including (to name a few) Medicine, Public health, Allied health, Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, Health administration, Hospital Management, Social work, Pharmacy, Management, Journalism, Law. Minimum 50% marks in the highest degree.

Fee Structure - (Per Semester/Instalment)

Particulars Part Time Full Time
All India Quota 40000 45000
Uttarakhand/Himalyan State Quota 40000 45000



  • Part time / Full time option
  • National/International Faculty
  • Strong emphasis on Mentorship
  • Hands on experience in Technology Enabled Interventions


The use of population health data is becoming an effective and increasingly utilized tool in efforts to treat widespread health problems. As the influence of population health and data analytics grows, health informatics – and the professionals who specialize in fields related to health data – have begun to play an increasingly important role. With expanding initiatives of the Government focussing on digitization like Digital India, Start up India and companies and organizations dedicated to collecting, storing, scoring, protecting and targeting interventions based on population health data are giving an opportunity to skilled workforce trained in addressing issues related to digital health interventions, meaningful data, design and development of human centered technological innovations for social impact, and data privacy, confidentiality and security.


Program Curriculum (As Per CBCS Scheme)

PhD in Population Health Informatics