Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

  • About Program

    CSE department offers a 3-year diploma in CSE with six semesters. The course is designed to provide the core knowledge of Computer Science concepts and different techniques which are upgraded to advanced knowledge. It is a program of study that offers students training in the field of technology, sometimes specializing in server configuration, computer connections, network installation, and user management. While working towards the diploma, students may be required to collect and analyze data on the information processing needs of computer users, and perform processing and modeling using the proper computer software.
    One of the best benefits available to students who enroll in Diploma in CSE program is a competitive advantage. Going through formal training and taking computer science classes shows prospective employers that the students are capable of handling challenging tasks. It also lets students explore different methods of problem solving.
  • Higher Education

    On completion of Diploma in CSE, the Students can pursue studies like the B.Tech Lateral Entry in 2nd year in reputed universities in India and abroad. Diploma in CSE can start entrepreneurial ventures or can pursue higher studies.


  • Diploma in CSE offers students the ability to pair their computer skills with their critical thinking capabilities.
  • The students actually learn by doing and progress from basics to higher order skills like develop, install, maintain software and hardware products.
  • Students who enjoy solving computer problems or finding the critical issues in a haystack may want to investigate obtaining a Diploma in CSE.
  • Students get sufficient opportunity to learn PC hardware and Software so that they can become Hardware or Software Engineers.

Career Prospects

  • On completion of Diploma in Computer Science, plenty of career opportunities exist in the IT industry.
  • Infinite opportunities in the field of Web and Multimedia designing are available for Diploma holders.
  • Various professional assignments which facilitate student’s placement in government, semi-government and private sector
  • Some of the more popular options include: software developer, computer hardware engineer, database administrator, systems analyst, and computer network architect.



Diploma – 3 Years