Civil Engineers

All You Need to Know About Civil Engineering: a Brief

Civil Engineering is a technical discipline that chiefly incorporates the science behind constructing structures, how to contrivance the theory in the field (public works), and the preservation of contemporary structures. Some of the most renowned civil engineers to have ever lived are, Apollodorus of Damascus, Charles Adler Jr., Carlos Slim Helu, Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, and several more. Civil Engineers are known to have contributed significantly to the evolution and progression of mankind from the very beginning. In sooth, the first mention of civil engineering in fulfillment dates back to somewhere around 2000 BC. The significance of this discipline can ergo be conceived.

Some classifications and divisions of the parent discipline are as follows:

  1. Infrastructure Engineering
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Geotechnical Engineering
  4. Coastal Engineering
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Forensic Engineering
  7. Urban Engineering

, et cetera.

In a survey conducted by Payscale 4 out 5 civil engineers reported themselves, as happy and contented with their profession. People have often esteemed this particular discipline as means to contribute to society by developing infrastructure for the greater good.

There are technical programs for those who wish to pursue civil engineering at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels.

Civil Engineering at DIT University**

**The School of Engineering & Technology, DIT University is the best college to pursue civil engineering in Uttarakhand. The Department of Civil Engineering at DIT University offers the following programs:

  1. B. Tech in Civil Engineering
  2. M. Tech in Civil Engineering (specialization in Structural Engineering)
  3. Ph. D. in Civil Engineering

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The Department of Civil Engineering is also home to two centers of excellence, established to promulgate premium technical education, to equip the graduates with enough proficiency to resolve any problem that may come their way in their professional career. The two COEs are:

  1. Centre of Excellence in Land, Air, and Water (LAW)
  2. DISA Lab (Data Interpretation and Spatial Analysis) under the sponsored project of DST SERB

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DIT University has recently been acclaimed as the best university in Uttarakhand to pursue engineering, in the Outlook- ICARE rankings for the year 2022. The University albeit, has been renowned among the best engineering colleges in Uttarakhand for several years now, and its prestige is such because of the diverse curriculum it offers across all of its programs, the academic environment that prevails within its quadrangle, and the responsibility to deliver excellence, always.

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